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Our ironing board covers are suitable for all brands ironing boards, including Leifheit and Brabantia. We offer you the sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.
Do you want to know which cover size is suitable for your ironing board? You can easily see on the size chart which size you need.

Ironing board covers with size S, M, L, XL and XXL

First measure your ironing board to know the right size.
Then look into the size chart to see which size ironing cover you need.
And order the ironing cover for your ironing board.
If your size is not listed, please feel free to send us an email to info@ironingboardcover.eu. We can perhaps deliver the size you need.

Measurement of your ironing board (in cm)

Measure the length and width of your ironing board.
Look into the following size chart to see if you need the cover size S, M, L, XL or XXL.

Dimensions of your ironing board:Length
110 cm
115 cm
120 cm
125 cm
130 cm
135 cm
140 cm
145 cm
150 cm
155 cm
max. 33 cm
max. 39 cm
max. 45 cm
max. 50 cm
max. 55 cm

Do you want to replace a ironing board cover of the brand Brabantia?
Ironing board cover A = our size M
Ironing board cover B = our size L
Ironing board cover C = our size XL
Ironing board cover D = our size XL
Ironing board cover E = our size XXL

Do you want to replace an ironing board cover of the brand Leifheit? Then you can choose our sizes S to XL for Leifheit sizes S to XL.

Go to the menu ‘Ironing board Covers’ to order your ironing cover in the desired color and size.

Special ironing board models

Model Asymmetrical (e.g. Leifheit Dressfix)
A-XL = 150 x 54 cm is suitable for an ironing board, max. 144 x 48 cm (Dressfix XL).
A-XXL = 150 x 62 cm is suitable for an ironing board, max. 144 x 56 cm (Dressfix XXL).
These ironing board covers are provided with fabric on both sides, therefore they are suitable for an ironing board with the point to the left or to the right.

Model Banana (e.g. Hailo Swingline or Hailo Fix)
B-XXL = 160 x 57 cm. Fits all banana ironing boards.

The dimensions of our ironing board covers

Our covers S, M, L, XL and XXL have the following dimensions:
S   =  120 x 38 cm
M  =  130 x 50 cm
L   =  140 x 55 cm
XL =  148 x 55 cm
XXL = 160 x 60 cm